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Verizon Increases FiOS Upload Speeds Significantly

Verizon is enhancing the upload speeds of its FiOS connections to obtain much faster speeds for its customer’s thus vastly shortening time  required for subscribers to send videos and back up their data on-line.

Starting this Monday, all new subscribers will get “symmetrical” connections. The least expensive plan will provide 25 megabits per second up and down, a rise from 15 megabits down and 5 megabits up.

Faster speeds are particularly helpful for posting pictures and videos to social networking sites, or sending files to on-line storage solutions like Carbonite for example. Verizon points out that a 1-hour High definition video clip would have taken sixteen minutes to add below a 50 Mbps down/25 Mbps up speed rate, but that same video will only be 8 minutes as soon as speeds are raised to 50 Mbps. This represents a 50 percent increase and a huge rise for Fios customers

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Present subscribers will see their upload speeds elevated in the coming months, product supervisor Fowler Abercrombie of Verizon told us . He expects that 95 % of Verizon customers will see higher speeds as soon as October which will be great a great relief to existing customers.

Verizon Communications will be streets ahead of the competition once this is rolled out as rival offerings from cable companies cannot match that simply because cables were originally designed to send video to homes, not another the other way about. Cable speeds top out at about 35 megabits for each second, whilst Verizon’s leading tier now offers five hundred megabits per second. Verizon stated the speed improvements will be at no additional cost and is a component of the company’s dedication to reward its faithful customers.

Along with speed increases downloads are gaining a big boost as well. The cheapest FiOS service plan will provide 15 megabits downloads and 5 megabits upload, you can get access to all the latest plans and grab any promotional code for Verizon Fios from us right here to assist with savings in the cost of subscribing .

Many companies also rely on Verizon to be their Internet service providers. So, with all of this speed boosting capabilities you would believe Verizon would be universally hailed as technological heroes. However there is still a lot of skepticism in the market place after the debacle a few weeks ago regarding Netflix being throttled by Verizon and the uproar doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon.

We predicted this increase for 2014 and are very happy that Verizon has decided to get serious about the customers requirements for a faster service.

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