Verizon Fios Review

Verizon Fios Review – Why Verizon Fios Scores Highly Compared to Its Competitors

Why Verizon Fios Scored Highly in 2017

In comparison to other consumer service providers, majorities of cable companies tend to score lowly. Perhaps it is because most people in the US can’t really make an informed decision on the cable company to opt for. Nonetheless, even if you have alternatives, make a point of selecting Verizon Fios. This is according to Consumer Reports.

Revealed in this Verizon Fios Review are a couple of facts that will convince you to opt for Verizon Fios over other service providers. Consumer Reports named Verizon Fios as the best bundle alternative in the year 2013 after a survey that involved more than 8,500 households in the United States. We also suggest grabbing a Verizon Fios promotion code when signing up to Fios to further reduce the cost for you. And by way of comparison check out these coupons: Directv discount codes and ATT Uverse offer codes Many customers opt to visit all of these before making a decision.

Verizon Fios was rated highly when it came to service satisfaction, reliability and picture quality. These findings concurred with a previous finding which stated that Verizon Fios was the most sought-after ISP (Internet Service Provider) not only in Kansas City, but other parts of the US.

While carrying out some background check on Verizon’s Fios, this Verizon Fios Review discovered that majorities of consumers who were unable to get access to Fios usually opted for a “Triple Play” bundle. This is a package that includes internet access, television service and landline. Sadly, this package tends to come at a high cost. Unlike other bundle options, Verizon Fios does not entice you with a lowly priced package only to inflate the prices thereafter once you are locked in.

Even though you may be satisfied with your current cable company, it is highly recommended that you explore other alternatives that are accessible to you. For example, if you are currently happy with your internet service, but still want to benefit from better quality, Consumer Report recommends Verizon Fios. This is because Verizon Fios is a fiber optic cable provider. As such, you can expect nothing short of excellent picture quality.

The Advantages of Verizon Fios

In a bid to help you make an informed decision when looking for a suitable consumer service provider, this Verizon Fios Review has listed some of the pros of Fios.

The Pros

  1. 1.      Robust Fiber Optic Network

There are a handful of TV providers which provide service via fiber optic network and Verizon is one of the service providers. If the difference between fiber optic and cable is a little bit hazy for you, simply know that distorted signals will be fewer of your worries. Moreover, you will greatly benefit from superior picture quality compared to either satellite or cable.

  1. 2.      12 Month Contract

Verizon Fios offers its consumers 12-month contract in regards to TV subscription. This contract guarantees you month-to-month rates for a period of one year. This is a value added benefit if you are not keen on signing a 2 or 3 year contract as is the case with some of the TV service providers. Then again, you do not have to worry about increased subscription fee half way through the year.

  1. 3.      Wide Channel Selection

Notwithstanding the kind of channel you would like to watch, rest assured that it will be made available on Verizon Fios plan. There are more than 380 channels offered by Verizon Fios which is in addition to more than 110 high definition (HD) channels. The plan also allows consumers to make their selection from local channels, premium channels, movie channels, pay-per-view channels and sports channels. There is also a wide range of international programming as well as Spanish programs to choose from.

In addition to the above, there is also a wide range of resources for self-starters thereby making installation and setup relatively easy.



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