Verizon FiOS Review

A Verizon FiOS Review

Verizon features FiOS, a package that offers fiber optic technology for internet, television and for phone. It uses fiber optic so this means you get clear and crisp audio and video for your television subscription with more HD channels, fast and uninterrupted Internet connections and more features for your landline phone. FiOS may be the service you are looking for if you are in the market for a dependable and quality communications and entertainment package. This is a Verizon FiOS review with some of its features including the latest Verizon FiOS Promotion code options in 2017:

  • With the fastest internet plans from 15, 50 to 75Mbps at the most affordable rates
  • Quantum speeds for internet are also available from 150, 300 to 500Mbps
  • With a number of varieties of TV HD plans: Select, Prime, Extreme and Ultimate
  • You can take your programming with you through your mobile devices
  • With clear and uninterrupted digital voice service with the most calling features
  • Comes with different plans that will suit your needs and your budget
  • With plans that are not covered by an annual contract
  • Customer service is standing by 24 hours a day 7 days a week
  • Installation is easy once availability of FiOS is determined in your area

Advantages and disadvantages of using FiOS service


  1. Fiber optics is the future for communications and entertainment and if you love watching movies in high definition and you love to surf the web then you should choose FiOS. You will feel the difference when you watch TV with more high definition channels to choose from. Verizon has a variety of HD TV plans to choose from plus channel line-up in HD compared to the competition. When it comes to internet you also have a lot to choose from since you can choose plans according to your computing needs. Digital phone services on the other hand are clearer no matter what the weather is or what the season may be since fiber optics is not affected by any factors compared to using cable or copper wiring.
  2. There is a wide variety of bundles to choose from that will suit your lifestyle, your residential or commercial needs as well as plans that will suit your budget. You may also create your own bundles to get more savings.
  3. There is peace of mind when you trust fiber optic technology since no matter what the weather is or no matter how the distance is you will still get the best signal and uninterrupted connections from the source to your home.
  4. Finally, Verizon FiOS has a lot of deals for new subscribers as well as current subscribers.


Since FiOS is a fairly new technology, this may not be available in all areas of the US. Verizon has a tool to help interested customers learn about the availability of their service. You may find this tool from their official site. Verizon is also pricier compared to other digital providers but as they say, there is no price for high quality.

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