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AT&T Announces 50 More U-verse Channels

AT&T U-verse Has just announced it is adding over 50 new live channels of content. This content can be screened  across multiple devices Including the Amazon Kindle fire HD And the fire phone using their newly released app .
The new channels include a little bit of everything for everyone. For example we have ABC family, Cartoon network, Cinemax , movies of all variety And a whole lot more. There are even some International flavors  like Latino, Smile of a child And even some Japan television. AT&T U-verse Giga Power
For sports lovers you can also get ESPN and you could also get these channels streamed live to your Tablet,  Mobile or device of your choice. There are over 30 different choices of device That will stream the new service. We think this represents a huge step forward in the U-verse Technology and a great boost for all of those subscribers who already have U-verse. So if you haven’t already signed up for you U-verse I would thoroughly recommend grabbing an AT&T U-verse coupon code from us here and get started with the most amazing entertainment product available on the Internet right now.

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AT&T has announced the first city in Silicon Valley that will get its 1Gbps fiber service. They have announced that Cupertino is now scheduled to get the very popular ultra-high speed broadband service offered by AT&T. This service offers 1Gbps downloads as well as 1Gbps upload speeds which represents a huge step forward to increasing the productivity of the tech sector. In total they have announced plans to roll out the ultra high speed 1Gbps GigaPower service in up to 100 candidate cities that have yet to be announced. Stay tuned for more on that over the coming months.AT&T U-verse roll out

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