Transcend gives Mac Pro a 128GB memory upgrade option

Is the 64GB maximum in factory-built Mac Pros not enough? Transcend is offering 128GB.

Is the 64GB optimum in factory-built Mac Pros inadequate? Transcend is offering 128GB.

(Credit rating: Apple)

For folks like video clip editors which truly, actually require a great deal of memory, Transcend announced new memory components that could create Apple’s brand-new Mac Pro machines around 128GB.

The option increases the 64GB of RAM readily available in Mac Pros from Apple, but there’s a catch: the DDR3 memory modules have a slower 1333MHz interface as compared to the 1866MHz DDR3 memory Apple ships. It’ll still be a great deal faster compared to an SSD or, heaven forfend, a disk drive.

Transcend also supplies 1866MHz components that max out at 64GB. The memory is “totally examined,” Transcend R&D Supervisor Angus Wu mentioned in a declaration Thursday. The company ensures “100 percent being compatible with the Apple Mac Pro 2013 model.”

Its upgrade adheres to concerning three months after Mac memory specialist Various other World Computing started selling 2013 Mac Pro memory upgrades.

Transcend didn’t expose pricing information, yet OWC asks for $449 for 32GB and $849 for 64GB.

The Mac Pro comes criterion with 16GB of memory. Apple asks for $400 for an upgrade to 32GB and $1,200 for an upgrade to 64GB.

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