Transcend curries 4K favor with faster SD cards

Transcend's Extreme model of UHS-1 Class 3 SD card has read speeds of 95MBps, write speeds of 85MBps, and a maximum capacity of 64GB.

Transcend’s Extreme design of UHS-1 Lesson 3 SD card has read speeds of 95MBps, create rates of 85MBps, and a maximum capacity of 64GB.

(Credit rating: Transcend)

Memory card maker Transcend revealed higher-speed SD cards on Friday that are tailored for videographers shooting high-resolution 4K video clip.

The Transcend’s brand-new SDHC and SDXC cards are rated UHS-1 Training 3 and come in two ranges. The “Extreme” models have reviewed and create rates of 95MBps and 85MBps, specifically.

The non-extreme versions have actually checked out and create speeds of 95MBps and 60MBps, specifically.

The newer UHS-1 (Ultra Broadband) Training 3 spec calls for preserved compose performance of 30MBps.

Yes, SD card categorization is a bottomless pit of phrases. Here are two even more: SDHC and SDXC, which control maximum capability. SDHC models top at 32GB capacity, however SDXC can go considerably, a lot higher.

Transcend’s SDXC designs reach 128GB, sufficient for 8 hours of UltraHD video chance at a resolution of 4096×2160, with a 35Mbps bitrate and the H. 264 AVC compression specification. The Extreme designs top at 64GB, though.

Trandscend’s SDXC Extreme versions cost $59 for 32GB and $119 for 64GB. The rather slower designs cost $49 for 64GB and $109 for 128GB.

The SD Card Association's attempt to demystify their flash cards' transfer-speed ratings.

The SD Card Organization’s try to debunk their flash cards’ transfer-speed rankings.

(Credit rating: SD Card Organization)

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