$7,000-per-month tech interns are making bank, says report

If you needed to predict as to which firm pays its trainees the most, which would you choose? Google maybe? Close. Maybe Twitter? Really close.

Twitter is in the Top 3, however the No. 1 business is possibly not one you’ll think. It’s Palantir Technologies, a Palo Alto, Calif.-based software and solutions firm that greatly works on federal government contracts.

Baseding on a report released Friday by Glassdoor, an on-line tasks and profession business, Palantir’s ordinary regular monthly base pay for an intern is $7,012. It’s enough to make you assume you’ve entered the incorrect area of job. Glassdoor’s record was compiled from anonymous details offered by the site’s users and is based on companies with a minimum of 20 intern salary records shared over the last 2 years.

Hot on the heels of Palantir comes VMware with a typical salary of $6,966, complied with by Twitter at $6,791, LinkedIn with $6,230, and Facebook at $6,213. Microsoft, Ebay, Google, Apple, Amazon, and Nvidia aren’t too much behind. Intel might sound fairly stingy at $4,648 down in the 23rd spot– until you review it to Glassdoor’s ordinary pay estimation for all interns on its website, which lands between $2,400 and $3,100 each month.

Glassdoor likewise collected comments from trainees concerning their tasks and workplace. A support designer intern at Palantir had this to state: “Work is inspired by a genuine mission. Extremely couple of individuals are there merely for cash.” A Microsoft Research intern honored the real estate, vehicle rental, and relocation aids.

Maybe the most interesting comment originates from a Yahoo Tech intern, which points out “free of cost lunch time and snakes.” That came from a former staff member at Yahoo’s Champaign, Ill., workplace. It’s possibly simply an unfavorable typo– snacks, probably?– yet some reptile followers might consider it a considerable perk. Visit the full top-25 here.

25 highest paying companies for interns(Credit history: Glassdoor)

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