Troubleshoot A T-Mobile Device That States No Service

How To Troubleshoot A T-Mobile Device That States No Service

Being one of the biggest wireless companies in the U.S., T-Mobile has a superb tech support department that is hard to compete for that. Many don’t even get close to the support the company provides and they are committed to helping our readers fix their problems.

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  1. Turn your device off.
  2. Wait 5 seconds and turn your device on.
  3. Retest the issue. Keep troubleshooting if you’re still experiencing the problem.
  4. Clear your browser history.
  5. Retest the issue. Keep troubleshooting if you’re still experiencing the problem.
  6. For Android devices:
  7. If the issue is specific to images not showing on web pages:
  8. Open the web browser on your phone.
  9. Tap Menu > More > Settings.
  10. Make sure that the Load images and Enable JavaScript check boxes are selected.
  11. Tap Clear cache and Clear cookie data.
  12. Check the Data Usage Limit setting is not limiting data use.
  13. Reset the device APN.
  14. Retest the issue. Keep troubleshooting if you’re still experiencing the problem.
  15. Reset your device.
  16. Retest the issue.
  17. If the above steps have not fixed the problem, contact T-Mobile customer service.

If you still can’t connect to a cellular network and have confirmed with your carrier that there isn’t an issue with your account or network, try restoring your device.

If you have recently updated your phone to 8 iOS and or you have just upgraded your iPhone to any better firmware you may experience some errors, such as no service. There is an official fix for the problem. This problem may also occur after it has been factory unlocked. Try using some troubleshooting steps such as hard reset or restarting, because many users have reported that their issue has been solved by this, resetting the network setting might also help. Manually install the iOS 8 update to fix the issue.

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If you can connect to 3G but not 4G LTE on your iPhone or iPad, make sure that your device is compatible with LTE. Go to Settings > Cellular > Enable LTE. Identify your iPhone and compare its model number with the list of supported LTE carriers for your country or location. Or identify your iPad and compare its model number with the list of supported LTE carriers for your country location. LTE options might vary depending on your carrier’s network.

With any network upgrades, there are bound to some customers experiencing issues with network reliability and signal strength. And that seems to be what’s happening to many customers. Rebooting devices and toggling airplane mode have worked temporarily to solve the problem in many instances.

But, just to be sure that is the case, and it’s not your phone or SIM card, you can try a few things.

Put your SIM in a different phone. If it works without trouble on LTE for an extended period (a few days), then it’s your phone. T-Mobile customer care can exchange SIMs, because they don’t last forever. If that exchange solves the problem, you had a faulty SIM card.

Troubleshooting T-Mobile’s Simple Choice International Data Roaming with “No Service” Issue? This guide is for those who know that the Non-US area that they are visiting has coverage.

First, check for data roaming, go to your phone’s settings. It varies from devices (even in Android), but it usually found its found somewhere around Settings->Mobile Network->Data Roaming. If you can’t find the option, you can fire up the phone’s dialer and dial #766# (#RON#) and roaming ought to be enabled.

Second, check if International Data Roaming Blocking was enabled. To access the International Data Roaming Blocking page, Login to your T-Mobile account online. It’s really easy to sign up for an account, Just head over to the signup page if you haven’t. But keep in mind that you have you must be the primary account holder of the T-Mobile account in order to make the changes to international roaming.

Lastly, Depending on the country and the location you’re in, you might have to adjust your APN settings. It’s a safety measure to create another APN entry so you can revert back to a known working one when you’re back in the states. But in the case, if you don’t have a backup or you can’t make a backup, you might be able to download the internet settings depending on your device or by looking for a reset to default APN option. You can find how to get your APN setting by heading over to T-Mobile’s preferred APN settings.




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