T-Mobile Advantage Program – What Is It ?

How To Make The Most Of The T-Mobile Advantage Program

Over the past year, T-Mobile’s new policies have ushered in a new wave of changes to the way the US wireless industry works. It was the first national operator to introduce phone-financing plans, early upgrades and free international roaming; additionally, it also offers to T-Mobile 4g Networkpay your cancellation fee if you break another carrier’s contract to move over. It appears that such practices must come at a cost: CEO John Legere had announced last year, T-Mobile will no longer offer its Advantage Program, which features monthly employer rate plan discounts, to new customers. Existing beneficiaries will see the deduction removed from their accounts on April 25th. As a consolation, affected subscribers will now receive a $25 reward card every time they get a new phone. You are eligible to enroll only if you are an employee or member of an organization that participates in the T-Mobile Advantage program

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As a T-Mobile Advantage Program participant, you will receive a $25 T‑Mobile Advantage Reward Card every time you purchase a new smartphone or tablet. You can use your reward card at T‑Mobile stores toward the purchase of any new device or accessory or apply it to your bill. It’s upgrading that gives back.

In a blog post, T-Mobile CEO John Legere said that the old programs were designed to help big carriers close big corporate contracts and used employees as “bargaining chips.” Legere said the company wants to simplify its plans and offer the same benefits to small and large company employees.

With the T-Mobile Advantage Program, a great wireless deal gets even better. You’ll get access to the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network, plus:

  • No annual service contracts and no activation fees
  • 15% off every line on your account
  • Early Termination Fees reimbursed to help free them from costly service contracts
  • Unlimited international texting from the U.S. to 200+ countries
  • Unlimited data and text in over 115 countries included at no extra charge
  • Unlimited talk, text, and web on the fastest nationwide 4G LTE network
  • Phone upgrades whenever you want with JUMP!
  • 200 MB of data free for life on all T-Mobile connected tablets
  • Special Advantage™ Program offers available throughout the year

The benefits of the Advantage Program depend on when you signed up for the program.

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If you were part of the Advantage Program on or before March 31, 2014, you’ll continue to receive a monthly discount. Even if you add a line after March 31, 2014, that new line is also eligible for the discount. Keep in mind, we may need to verify your information periodically to validate your eligibility, such as if you’re still employed with a company.

If you enrolled in the Advantage Program on or after April 1, 2014, you’ll receive a $25 T-Mobile Advantage Reward Card every time you purchase a new phone, device, or tablet. You can use your reward card at any T-Mobile store toward the purchase of a new phone or accessories, or apply it to your bill. For more information, read how to get your T-Mobile Advantage Reward Card. Tip: get T-mobile promo codes and coupons from us here and save big on any purchases you make.

If you are an employee or member of an organization that participates in the T-Mobile Advantage program, you may be eligible for great benefits. There are two ways to check your eligibility and enroll in the Advantage program:

If you have a work email, you can check your eligibility by entering it here. If you’re eligible, you can enroll right away. When you finish your application, we’ll send you a verification email to confirm your enrollment.

If you don’t have a work email, you can click here to complete our online application. You will need to attach the required proof of eligibility described on the page.

T-Mobile allows customer to confirm Advantage Program benefits. If customer have already submitted eligibility info, such can check the status. All users should check with their local HR department to ensure T-Mobile Advantage Program participation.

Customer will know they will have to verify program enrollment when they receive a postcard in the mail or a text message requesting them to verify their eligibility.  The customer will have a date in which they have to verify benefits by and this date will be displayed on the postcard or text message.  Failure to verify by this date may result in a suspension of the account.







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