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T-Mobile Review And Advice

Don’t talk on your smartphone much, don’t like the idea of a contract, and don’t want to pay a lot of money per month yet still have plenty of data? T-Mobile has the plan for you, if you know where to find it.
T-Mobile is one of the four major cellular carriers in America, an organization with its own speedy network and enough industry clout to face off against giants like AT&T U-verse and Verizon. Given that the appeal of prepaid phone plans is saving money with smaller providers – providers that often offer lower-quality service in exchange for better prices – it might seem odd to see T-Mobile atop the pack. Don’t be fooled, though; we’ve examined, researched and tested a bevy of options, and with superb speeds and some of the best prepaid plans for the money, T-Mobile easily earns our Top Ten Reviews Gold Award.
T-Mobile is offering a ‘hidden’ prepaid smartphone plan for new customers…assuming they can find it.
The $30 per month, no-contract plan gives users unlimited data: an impressive 5GB at full LTE speed, with any additional data throttled. Customers will also receive unlimited texts and 100 minutes of voice calls per month.

Unfortunately, this plan is saddled with restrictions. It’s available only online or with new phones purchased at Walmart and requires activating a new account with a new SIM. If you have this plan and switch to another plan you can’t switch back to it without activating another new SIM! To get this deal you need to activate a T-Mobile Prepaid Activation kit (a SIM and an activation PIN) online at prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com/prepaid-activate. You can buy the kit online at prepaid-phones.t-mobile.com, amazon.com or some independent mobile phone shops. T-Mobile stores do not sell unactivated SIM kits.

The next best value prepaid offering from T-Mobile is its $40 per month Simply Prepaid plan.
The T-Mobile Simply Prepaid Plan doesn’t require signing up for a contract. T-Mobile also permits customers on this plan to get a cell phone for minimal down payment, and then repay the cell phone over 24 months with small monthly payments. Additionally, this plan has unlimited data for web browsing, video, email, downloads.
For those who want a bit more flexibility, the company is upping the data on its higher tier plans. Previously, you could get unlimited talk, text, and 1GB of data for $40. Now, that same $40 will net you 3GB of data instead. $50 will get you 5GB of data (up from 3GB), and $60 will get you 10GB (up from 5GB). Not a bad deal. This puts some of T-Mobile’s rate plans on par with several other off-contract carriers, which is good news for everyone.
Simply Prepaid users also can’t take advantage of T-Mobile’s Data Stash, Simple Global, or Music Freedom, or other services available via Simple Choice plans, which are about $10 per month more than Simply Prepaid options.

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The new offers also come loaded with T-Mobile’s Music Freedom plan and the Binge On service. Customers also get access to the company’s Smartphone Equality program, which requires them to make straight on-time payments on their device for a year. Once through the requirement, users qualify for a “best up-front pricing” program to avail the best deal for the purchase/lease of a new smartphone through the carrier.
Unlike other carriers, however, T-Mobile will not charge overage fees when customers surpass their monthly data allotment. Instead, the data the customer receives after the threshold is met is slowed down.

A free BlackBerry add-on is offered on request for the $50, $60 and $70 plans. It offers BIS support that is necessary for BlackBerry Email and Messenger on RIM Blackberry devices. Even though it is not mentioned on the T-Mobile website, the BlackBerry add-on reportedly is also offered for $10 a month extra on the $30/month unlimited data, 100 minute plan.

For folks looking for even cheaper rate plans, T-Mobile does offer a $25 plan with unlimited talk and text but no cellular data, meaning that you’ll have to rely on Wi-Fi for your data needs. There’s also a $30 plan that offers unlimited data with 5GB at 4G speeds, unlimited text, and 100 minutes of talk.
These new plans seem to be a pretty good deal. They aren’t exactly groundbreaking, but they are giving you double the data for the exact same price as the old plans. If you are interested in any of these you can hit the source link below to sign up via our site through T-Mobile promo codes and coupons. or these Sprint coupon and promotions

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