Sprint.com Review

Why Sprint ? A Review

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With so many cell phone providers on the market offering similar packages, you may think that it doesn’t matter which provider you choose. You couldn’t be more wrong. All data packages have distinct differences.

To start with, it is important to be sure if your area is covered by the Sprint wireless/data service area. So, go to sprint.com and enter your zip code and you can quickly be sure that you’re covered. Once that is settled, let’s now discuss the various Sprint phone plans, which range from the most basic plan to the all-inclusive plans.

Sprint has a number of interesting plans, which have small add-ons for unlimited websurfing, emails, and data services too. They even have a world-wide unlimited plan – think about it unlimited data, phone, texting, email, etc. And then you can add-on GPS turn-by-turn navigation or Sprint family locator feature, want to know where your kids really are?

The best thing Sprint has going for it is its pricing ,  The company’s primary single-line plan is $60 for all-inclusive service: You get unlimited talk, text and unthrottled 4G LTE data at the same price point that other providers offer just 1GB or 2GB. It’s an incredible value; we didn’t expect to find some of the best cell phone plans in the nation at Sprint, so if you’re looking for pure bang for your buck, this is the pick for you.

Unfortunately, being a major carrier, Sprint still has its share of fees. Activating a new line can cost up to $36, and should you return a phone, you can be subject to a $35 restocking fee. Early termination fees start at $350, though thankfully they decrease the longer you’re under contract or be avoided altogether if you lease your new phone or pay for it with month-to-month pricing.

Sprint offers an unlimited plan for $70 a month for a single line. Additional lines up to a total of ten cost $60 a line. The tricky part to keep in mind when considering Sprint’s plans are the monthly charges for financing your phone. Device access charges vary based on which data bucket tier you choose and whether you lease or bring your own compatible phone. The more data you buy, the less you pay per device. Sprint recently adjusted its data tiers to offer 10GB of shared data for $100 per month, plus device access charges. That’s more than double the data you’d get for a comparably priced plan from T-Mobile, and far more data per dollar than you get with other plans.

Sprint, however, does offer what most people would consider a truly unlimited plan under is its overarching Sprint brand. The company has no specific benchmark for slowing down speeds on unlimited plans, so most customers can surf to their hearts’ content, albeit with some restrictions. For instance, Sprint restricts streaming video on its network to 600 kbps, which is certainly faster than 2G, but can affect video quality. Also, in its fine print, Sprint says it reserves the right to restrict speeds in order to optimize network congestion.

Most of Sprint’s plans can be shared on up to 10 devices each, with the exception of the unlimited one, which is for a single line, and the 10 GB and 40 GB ones, which can host a family up to 4 lines, and are a direct answer to T-Mobile’s such offers.
Sprint gives you free texting to more than 180 countries, and free data use when roaming abroad, albeit capped at near useless 2G speeds. You can either buy your phone at full retail pricing, lease it, or pay for it on Easy Pay installments over 24 months with a down payment of $100 for some.

Obviously, Sprint doesn’t offer nearly as many monthly data options, and forces you to purchase a device, but for those looking to get a new smartphone, especially an iPhone 6, and planning to use unlimited data, Sprint could be a good option.

If you are thinking ahead about which carrier will have the most room for growth and expansion, look no further than Sprint. 4G capabilities are the future of wireless, and Sprint cell phone plans far outpace the competition in this area.

If you want to keep up to date on what Sprint has to offer with their phone lineup and new offers, or you want to be knowledgeable about mobile technology in general then Sprint.com.

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