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Sprint Customers Get 60 days Of Amazon Prime free !

Sprint and Amazon have appeared in quite the number of headlines together lately.

This is of course because Sprint has been pushing Amazon’s Prime service as one of its benefits. This all began with Sprint announced that some of their plans would come with the ability to sync an Amazon Prime membership with their Sprint plan, effectively bringing the payment for both services together in one easy to manage and centralized payment. Although, this did initially gain some criticism as the Sprint Amazon Prime membership ended up costing customers more over the year than if they had opted to get Prime membership directly from Amazon.Sprint

Sprint recently began giving its subscribers the option to add Amazon Prime to their plan at a rate of $10.99 per month. Rather than paying $99 all at once, it’s a good way to spread out the costs. On the other hand, it does end up costing more money in the end. Total cost for one year comes out to $132 annually.

Those who sign up in July will get the first 60 days for free, after which Sprint will charge the normal rate. Unfortunately, those who already have a Prime account don’t get any extra benefit.

Sprint has been offering monthly Amazon Prime subscriptions since March, giving its customers the chance to add Prime to their cellphone bill for $10.99 every month. Now Sprint is sweetening that offer.

For the month of July, Sprint customers that sign up for a monthly Amazon Prime subscription will get their first 60 days for free. Once those 60 days are up, you can continue your Prime subscription for $10.99 per month or cancel your subscription.

Also worth noting is that Sprint says that existing Amazon Prime customers can get in on this deal, too. Existing Prime subscribers will be credited for the 60 days in the form of an Amazon.com gift card. However, if you’ve already got Sprint’s $10.99 Amazon Prime subscription, you are not eligible for this 60-day offer.

If you’re a Sprint customer or plan to become one this month, here’s how you can get the Amazon Prime promotion below , dont forget that we have the best promo codes and coupons for Sprint right here:

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Visit www.sprint.com/amazonprime, call 1-(800)-SPRINT1Call: 1-(800)-SPRINT1 or go to the nearest Sprint store to sign up for Amazon Prime on your Sprint account.
After adding Amazon Prime to a Sprint account, the customer will receive a text message with an activation link to complete registration.
Once registration is complete, the customer can immediately begin to enjoy all the benefits of Amazon Prime.
Customers can also access preloaded or downloaded Amazon apps for easy access to Prime content on compatible smartphones.

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