Sprint Buyback Program – What Is It ?

Sprint Buyback Program Options

The average American replaces his or her mobile phone every 16 months. That’s millions of unused mobile phones that have outlived their purpose. Odds are that you have an unused mobile phone sitting around in a sock drawer or stacked away in a box right now.

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But don’t throw that old mobile phone in the trash — electronics aren’t environmentally friendly when they biodegrade and they even contain undesirable chemicals that could seep into landfills and pollute our environment! Instead, put your old mobile devices to better use. The Sprint Buyback Program provides an incentive for eligible wireless devices. While all phones may not qualify for an incentive, remember you helped the environment by recycling.

Sprint was among the first wireless carriers to establish a phone buyback program, and has since been the longtime leader in cellphone reclamation – ensuring financial and bottom-line benefits to customers and its business. Today, more than four out of every 10 customers in Sprint retail stores participate in the buyback program. These recycling programs put back more than $100 million in customers’ pockets last year alone and to date, have helped create more than $1 billion in cost avoidance for the company.

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Sprint continues to highlight the environmental benefits of phone recycling and to raise awareness around the financial benefits of its phone trade-in program. Under Sprint Buyback, the carrier offers up to $300 for trade-ins on eligible devices regardless of carrier. The trade-in value can be used as account credit or to purchase a new device. But if you find a better deal elsewhere, Sprint says it will meet or beat it. Sprint’s deal is available right now.sprint Promo Code

The convenience of Sprint’s Buyback program, significant presence in-store and online, as well as its commitment to reclaiming devices earning such accolades as breaking a Guinness World Record, led to the recognition. Sprint continues to highlight the environmental benefits of phone recycling and to raise awareness around the financial benefits of its phone trade-in program

Sprint is the first and only U.S. wireless carrier to outline specific commitments that address e-waste holistically. By offering certified pre-owned phones to customers at a fraction of the price Sprint says nine of every 10 devices that come back through its Buyback program get reused, not just recycled. The last 10 percent of phones that are “recycled” are broken into parts that can be recycled as raw materials for a surprising number of goods, from jewelry to battery packs to car parts.

According to Sprint, the company buyback program is almost halfway to its goal of re-collecting 90% of all Sprint phones sold by 2017.   The system will even take most phones from competitors, and manages to refurbish 90% of them. Although “doing the right thing” matters to most people, easy cash (or discounts on billing) is the obvious incentive to make the effort to return old phones to Sprint. Sprint then benefits by being able to re-sell a certain number of them, and hopefully looks good in the process.

Phone trade-in programs seem to be a major part of the wireless business now, throwing extra incentives at customers to stick with their wireless provider or check out the competition. Out of all phone buy back programs, Sprint states that they were ranked as having the number one buyback program for the past three years according to Compass Intelligence which is a market analytics and consulting firm. Sprint still has a ways to go before they match up on areas like data speeds in a wider set of areas compared to other carriers, but they have been making notable improvements there as well as in offered services since Marcelo Claure took over as CEO. Are you a current Sprint subscriber? Do you use the phone buyback program and if not, will you now that they have announced and started their commitment to match all buyback offers from other carriers?

With 135 million cell phones discarded every year, left in junk drawers or, worse, landfills, it’s no wonder Sprint has made Sprint Buyback and other phone recycling efforts a priority.

Has anyone out there used the Sprint Buyback Program for upgrades or to switch carriers? If you are interested to know what Sprint would pay you for your current device, hit them up at SprintBuyback.com and check it out.

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