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Is Antivirus Software Enough To Beat Today’s Online Threats ?

Is Antivirus Software Enough To Prevent Threats ?

If you’re using the same old anti-virus software that you’ve used for years, you’re missing out. Today’s threats are sneaky and devious. You’ll want an up to date version of software that is sure to capture even the sneakiest of viruses.

Just as in any software, your anti-virus software can be susceptible to bugs and other sneaky trojans. Just this last summer Google discovered in its Project Zero that there were serious flaws in the enterprise and consumer products that originated from Symantec which allowed for malicious characters to overtake their computers. Symantec offered updates for said bugs, however, some of these required a manual installation and users had to understand and know how to do install the updates correctly to be successful.

They’re not alone. Project Zero is having to regularly make updates that show what the security flaws are in the software that is designed by Kaspersky Lab as well as McAfee and even FireEye just to mention a few. Brian Soldato of NSS Labs has even designed a security product testing organization that his company has observed unprecedented numbers where vulnerabilities like ransomware have snuck past good security software like Norton or Kaspersky Lab.

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Sadly for consumers, there still aren’t any real steps that can be taken to avoid many of these security flaws. This has quickly become a thorn in the side of many.Security vendors are ready to offer updates however, consumers must make it a priority to seek these out and apply the appropriate patches that will save their systems from such tragedies. If your security system doesn’t allow for frequent updates, you may wish to seriously question their practices and value to your own personal system.anti-virus

A serious issue has occurred where these security threats are seemingly bypassing the anti-virus programs. Typically, if they are patched, they won’t have to be concerned about such programs affecting their computers at all.Symantec is noteworthy of how it keeps communication open and keeps updating the program. Once a specific bug has come along, such patching programs can be thrown into chaos.

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While they do respond, they’re not keeping up with the times and responding quickly enough. In many cases, the vendors are taking several weeks to catch up which can leave your computer system vulnerable for several weeks. In most cases, this time frame is too long. This gives the bugs too much time to contaminate the computer.To help combat this, many security firms are designing their programs to update more regularly. They are becoming more motivated to speed up the process and earn the bragging rights to having the most up to date security programs on the market today. Spokespersons for said companies state that these are designed to improve security and software.

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By improving the availability of the codes for audit these companies have opened up their anti-virus programs to more criticism. With greater collaboration on the security, it is hoped that there will be no more breaches that can cause issues to computer systems.Many of the anti-virus systems understand the need to move forward and are trying to get ahead of the game., With advanced technology they are seeking to improve their programs and help to reduce the need for such massive updates so frequently.

It is anticipated that these systems will improve on a continual basis and help to maintain the systems so that there is less need for such speedy updates. It’s only a matter of time until more flaws are discovered.

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