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How To Keep Your Android Secure From Viruses And Malware

Secure Your Android  Device From Viruses And Malware

Android phones are not the same as traditional PCs, so there is no reason that you will have to protect them from viruses and other malware, right? This is not true at all. In fact, according to researchers, the amount of malware on mobile devices rose nearly 60% between 2011 and 2012. While Apple’s iOS has been known to have a large number of how-to-keep-your-android-secure-from-viruses-and-malwarevulnerabilities, the amount that is associated with Android is larger. The fact that it is so open and has a large global market share makes it very attractive to those who write viruses.

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In order to defeat these viruses, Google has an app available that will help you identify and stop them. Unfortunately, this is not the only step that should be taken to ensure your security. It is actually possible for a fraudulent app to slip through the cracks. There are criminals online who would love to gain access to your information. They are lured in by the thought of easy money, even if they have to break the law in order to get it. Avoid becoming their next victim by following this advice.

Follow these steps in addition to using the system that is provided by Google.

Only Install Apps From Those Who Are Trusted

Google’s security measures only apply to apps that are installed on the Google Play store. Unlike Apple, who has a walled system in place, it is possible for people to install Android apps from all over the web. This includes links that are sent to your email or including in a blogpost. Be careful.

While there is always a chance that app is safe, there is also a chance that it isn’t. Is there really a way for you to be certain? It may be loaded with viruses and malware – ready to monitor your calls and steal all of your private information. It is wise to be safe and only use apps that are from known parties.

Only Visit Trusted Sites

Apps are the only method that can be used to place malware on your device. Heading to the wrong website can send you into malware hell. Unless you have full protection, it is simple for someone to detect the OS you are using and load relevant viruses and malware onto your system.

As you were told a bit earlier, staying away from hidden parts of the Internet and sticking to well-known sites that can be trusted is the key to prevent viruses from making themselves at home on your device.

Install Malware Protection Software

Even if you are a stickler about using trusted sites and only downloading apps from those you know, it is still possible for malware to invade your system through the use of phishing.

You may receive an email from a company that appears to be familiar to you, yet it is not. Having the right security in place will help you stop the criminals in their tracks, as opposed to ignoring the need for security and leaving your device vulnerable.

Be wise. Be careful. Keep your mobile device out of harm’s way. Follow this advice and bear in mind that every day more devices are being attacked.

Norton™ Mobile Security can prevent your Android from being a host for viruses, blocks fraudulent sites from placing malware on your system and it can even help you find your device if you lose track of it.

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