Carbonite Offer Code From Leo Laporte – Can He Save You Any Money ?

Use Offer Code From Leo Laporte And Get 2 Months Free

Is this offer correct ? Yes it is and you need a coupon code which I will paste below for you plus you need to click the link below and when you sign up you will get 2 months bonus for free. And if you are even smarter you will get an additional 15 days trial period prior to paying anything to check out the world class backup and cloud backup system in action.

Save 20% on unlimited backup from Carbonite, starting at just $47.99 a year! Click Here!

But is this the best option for saving money on your new subscription ? No there is a better option ,read all of the below to find out how to save even more money…..



The Process To Get the 2 Mths Free Bonus As Per Leo Laporte’s Endorsement

  1. The first thing we need to do is open an account , here is the link to visit


2) After signing up you will be asked to select a plan like in this image below, select the one that best suits your needs.


3 ) Now apply the coupon code TWIT into the box as per this image below, you can copy and paste it .


And now finalize your subscription and you will get the 2 free months added to your plan.

Is This The Best Option For Saving With Carbonite ?

Not exactly , we have other Carbonite offer code and coupon options and to be honest Leo Laporte’s endorsement offer I just outlined is not the best one available . Here is a comparison

Leo Laporte’s offer is $59.99 for 12 mths plus 2 free months = $59.99 for 14 mths or $4.29 per month if you break it down ( 59.99/14=4.29)

But why not check out this offer below by clicking the link  ….

Save 20% on unlimited backup from Carbonite, starting at just $47.99 a year! Click Here!

Now with this offer at $47.99 per year that breaks down to just $3.99 per month across the 12 mth period  ( 47.99/12=3.99) .So on the surface an extra 2 months from the Leo Laporte coupon offer sounds like a great deal but Carbonite actually has a better offer where you dont need a coupon code, you simply click the link above ,sign up and get the discount  and save yourself a little bit more for the exact same subscription. Now im sure you will agree every dollar helps so go on and click the link above and get the best online and cloud backup system right now.

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