Carbonite vs CrashPlan

Carbonite vs CrashPlan: Which Is the Best Cloud Storage Service?

The competition within the cloud storage industry has intensified over the last couple of years. There seems to be a new online backup service emerging with every passing day. So how can you make an informed decision on the right online backup service to opt for?

Industry experts concur that Carbonite and CrashPlan are the two leading service providers in the cloud storage industry. Both online storage services boast of similar features that appeal to millions of online users. But when it comes down to Carbonite vs CrashPlan, the key deciding factors will be the features that suit your needs.


This cloud storage service is popular because it is not only user-friendly, but offers users absolute control over the data to backup. Because it does not require users to be tech-savvy, it has become the favorite online storage service for individuals on the basic plan to small businesses looking for a great deal to large corporations needing server backup

Perhaps the core reason why you need to opt for Carbonite over CrashPlan is the fact that it offers tech support over the phone, a pert that is hardly offered by competitors. The other reasons for opting for Carbonite include:

–        An easy-to-understand interface.

–        Telephone support during official business hours.

–        Backup support for up to twelve different file versions.

–        Backup data is kept in the servers for up to 90 days.

–        15-day free trial period or a discount with a Carbonite offer code.

–        Compatibility with iOS, Blackberry and Android apps.

–        Recovery can take place even if internet connection is broken.

The likely setbacks you are likely to face while using Carbonite include:

–        Several advanced features are lacking.

–        Does not offer support for Windows Mobile app.

–        You can only backup data from one PC.

–        Linux and Unix OS are not supported by the service.

–        The service does not allow for sharing.


CrashPlan is the latest entrant into the online backup storage industry. The ability to keep backed up files in your PC is perhaps one of the key attractive features. Still, the services offer businesses the ability to backup data in a different central server. Besides, the online storage service offers extra features that are lacking in Carbonite. As a result, users have greater control over backed up data. Nonetheless, for the average user, the service can be slightly overwhelming.

Some of the features that have made CrashPlan unique include:

–        Unrestricted file archiving.

–        Offers support for Linux and Unix OS.

–        Customized file settings.

–        Recovery alternatives are offered at different levels.

–        There is no limitation on file size.

–        You can backup data from several PCs.

–        Offers support for Windows Mobile, iOS and Android apps.

Some of the disadvantages of choosing CrashPlan over Carbonite include:

–        Does not offer support for Blackberry apps.

–        Tech support does not include phone.

–        The user interface is quite complex thereby making it hard for an average home user to understand.

Before making a decision on which online backup service to use, it is important that you carefully weigh the pros and cons of each service. By doing so, you are able to pick a service provider that is able to cater to your individual needs.


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