Carbonite Review

Carbonite Review: A Comprehensive Overview of Carbonite

Carbonite is a user-friendly online data storage service that not only makes it easy to backup information, but makes data recovery quite simple. This online storage service has increased in popularity over the last couple of months since it does not require prior IT knowledge in order to backup or recover data. High speed connection and unlimited backup storage are the other reason why you need to consider this cloud storage service.

Because data backup and recovery services are accessible to individual consumers as well as startup and small business, its popularity is set to soar in the year 2017. But why should you opt for Carbonite cloud storage when there are several other options available to you? For more information, keep reading this Carbonite Review to the end but also make sure you grab any Carbonite coupon code for 50% off we have them all listed at this page for easy savings. Or try the facebook page we have set up for you to get access to Carbonite coupon codes in 2017

Features Of Carbonite

The following is a list of Carbonite features at a glance:

–        Unlimited cloud storage.

–        First-time users are provided with a 15-day free trial period.

–        The cloud storage is designed in such a way that automatically backs up data in the background while the desktop or laptop computer is idle. Still, you have the option of picking the times and days when to do backup.

–        The cloud storage service keeps previous file versions for up to 90 days.

–        This online storage service is compatible with virtually all major operating systems like Windows and Mac.

–        Live support is available thus making it easy to resolve technical issues that you may encounter while using the service.

The Pros And Cons Of Using Carbonite

How does Carbonite cloud storage compare to other online storage services such as SOS Online Backup and MOZY?

The Pros

  1. Installation and setup are relatively easy. Home Edition which is the basic version is compatible with Windows and Mac OS. However, the premium version is only compatible with Windows, thus making it a huge setback if you have Mac OS.
  2. Users are provided with a 15-day free trial period that enables them to try the various features incorporated in the cloud storage. During the free trial period, there are no credit or debit cards that will be required.
  3. For a minimal fee of $59.00 per annum, you will have access to unlimited cloud storage. But the Carbonite Business, a service that allows you backup data from several PCs will be available to you for just $229.00 per annum.
  4. All backed up files are marked within the Windows Explorer. Moreover, there is the option of backing up open files.
  5. Tech support is provided through chat and via the phone. However, these services are only accessible during official business hours.
  6. The backup process is intuitive, thereby making this cloud storage service suitable for beginners and people who are not tech-savvy.
  7. Data recovery process is simply excellent. The process is straightforward thus making it easy for a less tech-savvy person to recover lost data. The recovery process can also continue even if the internet connection has been disrupted. There is also a courier recovery service available to users.
  8. The cloud storage service offers support for external disk. In addition, you can effortlessly carry out a mirror backup.

The Cons

  1. You cannot backup network drives.
  2. The option for file sharing is not available.
  3. There are certain file types that are overlooked by default during the backup process.
  4. Priority support offered via the phone will cost you an extra $19.95 per annum.
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