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Is Carbonite Really Worth It? – Yes It Is And Here’s Why

Carbonite – Is It Well Worth It?

Online backup by Carbonite is something which has been around for many years. Brought to consumers in 2005, they happened to be one of the first providers that could offer unlimited online backup while giving a fair price for  consumers. Over time, the requirement for an effective online backup solution has truly evolved. You are now unable to go online without being susceptible to some type of virus and everybody has a tendency to panic when this happens . There are plenty of good reasons why you should think of buying  good protection like Carbonite to keep the  information safe from cyber criminals and hackers who distribute nastys like ransomware

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Carbonite invests heavily with the marketing of the products on :

– Television commercials

– Radio commercials

– Internet marketing and advertising like Facebook and Twitter .

This means that Carbonite has a great deal of visibility among the online backup services, which is probably the reason why you should think about investing in it.

One major question seems to be whether or not Carbonite is really worth it. What exactly does it mean to be “worth it”? The answer may not be as easy as you think, simply because there could be ten different people who have ten different needs for the backing up of all of their files. Prior to answering the question as to whether or not Carbonite is worth it, you need to ask yourself wheat you are hoping to get out of an online backup service.

What Do Carbonite Offer ?

Carbonite offers unlimited storage for all of your files. This would allow you to upload any of the files that you have on your Mac or PC onto the Carbonite servers. Carbonite just may be a perfect solution if you happen to have about 500gb worth of files to back up, as it only costs you around $59 each year or less with a coupon for 20% off found here.

This is one of the cheapest offers that you can find today. If you were to try to have a backup of the same amount to another company, you could end up paying much more. For example, a base plan for 125gb may be $9.99 plus another $2 for each additional 20gb.

If you have a lot of files, Carbonite is going to be worth it. Take into consideration that Carbonite will limit bandwidth that is needed to backup. This could mean that it may be several of months before you are able to backup 500gb of date.

Is Backup Continuous and Seamless ?

Carbonite also claims to have continuous data protection. This means that files will be backed up when they are updated or changed. The truth is that Carbonite will backup files within about 10 minutes from the first change that is made, then runs a back up 24 hours for any subsequent changes.

With Carbonite Home, you will only be allowed to backup one computer for a charge of $59 a year. If you happen to have more computers at home and also some at work, you will need to buy three licenses, meaning $59 times three each year.

Is Carbonite really worth it? Yes, Carbonite is truly worth the investment.

You can test out Carbonite for a period of 15 days to see if the price tag of $59 is worth it for you , or you can grab any Carbonite offer code we have posted here and drop that down considerably . There may be better solutions available, so it is always recommended to check around and see what is best for you and your files and budget.


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