Is Mozy Or Carbonite A Better Back Up Service ?

Mozy Or Carbonite- Which Should I Choose ?

Data is crucial for business of any size, so data loss can seriously damage an enterprise. Numerous issues, such as viruses, accidental deletion, and phishing, can cause data loss. The worst part is that once the data is gone, everyone—including unhappy clients and officials investigating compliance breaches—is on your case, and you could even experience financial ruin if confidential information falls into the wrong hands.

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However, these threats can easily be avoided with an online backup solution in place. Which will backup and store your data on a secure server, so you can focus on business without worrying about losing data. But choosing the right online backup provider is critical for your business. So in this article, we compare the features and benefits of two popular providers, Carbonite vs Mozy, to help you mozyembrace the one that perfectly satisfies your needs.

Carbonite offers users unlimited storage for a fixed fee, and unlike some of its competitors, Carbonite online storage space is truly unlimited. This is possible because Carbonite owns and maintains multiple data centers around the world, allowing the service to provide geo-redundant storage by keeping multiple copies of your files on different servers in different parts of the world. Besides storage and security, Carbonite offers robust help and support. The service also allows you to access your files from any computer with an internet connection and sharing your files with others is relatively easy through its interface.

Mozy is another leading Mac online backup service. It offers three subscription products: MozyHome for individual users and MozyPro and MozyEnterprise for businesses. Mozy online storage charges by the amount of storage space you need. Similar to Carbonite, Mozy owns and maintains its own servers and datacenters. In addition, Mozy online backup employs a specialized and highly secured encryption standard. Besides the security offered by Mozy, you secure your files further by creating a personal encryption key when uploading your data to its servers.

Carbonite has two basic business plans that are charged by the year. Basic business users can pay $229 per year for 250 GB of storage space and backup for unlimited computers. The next step up costs $599 per year and gives 500 GB of storage space, backup for unlimited computers and support for Microsoft Windows servers.

Mozy offers one pricing scheme for desktop computers and one pricing scheme for servers. For regular computer backups, Mozy costs $3.95 per month for each computer and $0.50 per GB of storage space. Server licenses cost $6.95 per month for each server and $0.50 per GB of storage space.

The main feature that Mozy and Carbonite have in common is automated file backup. Both services allow you to install software on your computer, specific which files/folders you want to back up and then the service handles the rest. You can go on with your life while your backup company automatically backs up your files and folders.

Mozy and Carbonite offer many of the most desired features found with file storage providers. Determining which of these services is best for you greatly depends upon your file storage needs. Let’s compare these two services so you can choose whether Mozy or Carbonite is the best choice for you. Some of the aspects that we look at include: pricing, features, home vs business use and overall performance.

Carbonite offers a complete knowledge base, video tutorials and how-to guides, as well as support via phone, email or live chat.

Mozy offers a comprehensive “how it works” section, FAQ section, knowledge base, video tutorials, as well as support via live chat, email or over the phone. The company offers support day or night.

If you are deciding between Carbonite and Mozy which service you should choose depends a great deal on how many computers you have to backup. If you only need to backup one Windows machine Carbonite is the winner. If you need to backup two computers Mozy comes out ahead since their 125GB plan plus extra storage to 205GB per computer is less expensive. If you need to backup more than 200GB then Carbonite is probably your best choice.

There are going to be situations where Mozy is the best choice for your individual needs and there are going to be times when Carbonite is a better choice instead. Overall though, in most cases Carbonite offers the best service in terms of storage space, pricing and home versus business use Deals for longer subscription

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