ATT Uverse Coupon Code July 2018

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ATT U-verse Coupon Code:  Promotional Codes

There is no doubt that AT&T U-verse is one of the best multimedia services in the United States. U-verse offers consumers a wide variance of bundles at discounted prices. Therefore, you can enjoy, high speed internet connection, digital phone services and television services without having to pay through your nose.

U-verse Deals for You To Save With

Here at techcouponcode we have the updated list of ATT Uverse coupon codes for you . Simply select the deal that looks the most attractive to you and click on it. We have posted this page in Spanish so that all our customers  who speak Spanish as the native language can also get immediate access to these deals. So go ahead and start your search for amazing specials and promotions from us

The following is a list of AT&T U-verse Coupon Code options that you can redeem by surfing through the official AT&T website and other sites:

  • All Valid Promotions as of 10/15/16 at 9pm PTGet $300 in Reward Cards when you move your U-verse TV on qualifying online orders detailsSave more when you bundle TV & Internet- Internet Exclusive
  • U-verse Internet up to 6Mbps $30/mo. for 24 mos. + $50 reward card
  • button** Click Here To Get **-U-verse TV + Internet $80/mo. for 2 yrs. (24 mo. TV agmt req’d.) + $50 reward card
  • U-verse Internet – Fast, reliable speeds to suit every need.
  • Save 35% on DIRECTV over 2 years when you bundle with eligible AT&T services (24-mo. TV agmt req’d.)
  • Move your U-verse TV service on a qualifying online order and get $300 in cards
  • U-verse Internet up to 6Mbps $30/mo. for 24 mos. + $50 reward card
  • $50 Reward Card with U-verse Internet All Included – online only

Basic AT&T Promotions and Bundles

You can find all types of bundles which you can make a choice from, and they all have plenty of cost savings. Examine every one and find out which just one satisfies your requirements.

AT&T Phone and Internet Bundle Promos

  1. Save $5 Off Per Month on the Phone Service

  2. Unlimited Local and Long Distance Service

  3. $39 a Month for 12 Months

  • High Speed Internet for Only $14.95 a Month on the Home Phone Service
  • Home Phone & Internet $37.95/mo. for 12 months Phone + 3Mbps High Speed Internet. Other charges apply. See offer details below. Undoubtedly use that live talk to require a waiver. I informed them straight-up I used to be changing from Comcast exclusively simply because I do not have lots of money.
  • Home Phone & TV $52.99/mo. for 12 months A Choice Deal. Other charges apply. Term required. See offer details below.
  • TV & Internet Starting under $50.00/mo. for 6 months Includes free HBO®, STARZ®, SHOWTIME®, and Cinemax® for 3 months — a $141 value!

Do you want advanced communications technology at a lower price? AT&T U-verse deals will always be available, where one can enjoy high-quality voice, phone, TV and Internet services without having to pay full-cost. Wise consumers realize that the best way that hi-tech internet can be inexpensive is thru coupons, so browse the  deals above ,decide which package makes sense to your budget and get it now.

U-verse Movie Coupons For March Are Here:

Hollywood hits for around 50% off the normal price tag.

There are numerous other promotion codes available on the internet besides the ones mentioned herein. By redeeming the coupons, you are able to save greatly while at the same time enjoying the three services offered by AT&T . att uverse coupon codes for promo savings

Service Offerings From AT&T U-Verse

AT&T has started offering its customers greater choice by grouping its channel offerings into several different packages, including U-Family, U200, U300, and U450. This range of packages is incremental, with each one offering more choices than the previous package. (There are a few exceptions.) The U-Family package can be considered the provider’s baseline, and every package offers at least this level of service. This includes 65 of AT&T’s Stingray Music channels, of which there are 75 in total. The U-Family package is basically a slight upgrade to the former U-Basic package. Similarly, the U450 package is an incremental update to the old U400 package which now includes AT&T’s HD Services pack.

Specialty channels are available in themed groups which can be added to any general package. Examples include the Sports Package, NBA League Pass, HD Services, HD Premium Tier, Adult, and Paquete Español. Paquete Español is frequently incorporated into the basic packs described above; the results are known as U200 Latino, U300 Latino, and U450 Latino. International channels can be added to any package one at a time or grouped together by language groups. Premium movie packages can be added to any subscriber’s plan at a level of premium or higher. Obviously, the HD offerings provided by AT&T require HD TV hardware to access.

The U-Verse channel lineup changed significantly on February 29, 2017. The following channels were removed:

* Attention (SD Channels: 400, 962; HD Channels: 1100, 1400, 2500)
* Buzz (SD Channels: 300, 851, 961; HD Channels: 1000, 1300, 1851)
* Front Row (SD Channels: 100, 847; HD Channel: 1847)
* Showcase (SD Channels: 800, 964; HD Channel: 1800)
* Sports (SD Channels: 600, 801, 963; HD Channels: 1600, 1801)
* U-Verse Movies (SD Channels: 200, 800, 945, 960; HD Channels: 1200, 1850)

U-Verse Internet

Computers connected to the subscriber’s residential gateway or DSL modem via Ethernet or Wi-Fi receive internet access through AT&T.

The provider announced its Max Plus service in November of 2008, originally called “Max 18.” Max Turbo following in December 2009. Most levels of Internet service (including Basic, Express, Pro, Elite, and Max) can be installed by the subscriber. Max Turbo and Max (ADSL2+) can only be self-installed if the DSL line is isolated from voice telephone lines, which usually requires a professional technician. Very few subscribers find themselves in conditions where they can get faster speeds by using filters or high-quality wiring anymore.

August 26, 2013 saw the introduction of the Power service by AT&T. This service required a bonded pair of conditioned line hooked to a Motorola NVG589 VDSL2+ Gateway. Conditioning the lines and installing the gateway both require a one-time service fee.

In areas without U-Verse TV service, upload speeds are limited to 1 Mbit/s. VDSL upload speeds are possible in areas that have U-Verse TV service.

 What Are The Steps To Using Any ATT Uverse Coupon Code From Us ?

We are asked quite often about the process for using any offers we have listed on

our site. So below is a detailed process for how to get any discount

For this example I am going to show you how to use an offer from start to finish.

1) After clicking on any of the offers at the top of this page you will be directed to a page with a list of all the latest offers. This is where all the latest updated offers are located.

2) Now navigate to the offer you think suits your families needs the best and click on it.

3) Prior to signing up AT&T needs to know if you can get access to U-verse in your area so you will be directed to that page  ,add in your details and hit the submit button to check your address has U-verse available.

4) If you are able to get the service that confirms this for you and you can proceed.

How to activate the coupon code if Att Uverse is available

5) now as you can see in the example image below we have discounts plus the rewards cards values circled  ( this changes each month )

Now simply go to cart and checkout.After payment and you will be directed to a page where you can book in the technicians to come out and install the system into your house ready to start using the amazing power of U-verse

So what are you waiting for go back to the top of the page and select an offer and start saving today as these offers are internet only and we update them every month as they come to hand.

Note this image is just an example and was current at the time we posted it but details may have changed in the meantime, its just for illustration purposes

At&t uverse rewards


Testimonials from Latest Tech Coupon Users

We have received several emails from users who have had a great experience with U-verse and wanted to share that with you . Some users have even reported reading these testimonials and deciding to buy immediately

Michael Jamieson , Newport

“I was reading in Google and came across your site , you answered all my questions and so I decided to use one of your rewards card offers and I got a great deal. Now my neighbor wants U-verse also and so I gave him your URL.”

Jenny Sargent, Maine

“Hi TechCoupons, thanks for the advice you provided,I have tought about getting ATT U-verse for some time but using a coupon code you saved me approx $50 which I appreciate.”

Tabatha Christy, New York

“It was always a toss up for me about which one I should get ,ATT U-verse or Fios. Well after I found your $300 off reward card It was an easier choice. after all Fios best deal was nowhere near that good. So far I am very happy with the choice and the service.”

James Jackson, Los Angeles

“I ordered and received a phone call very quickly asking for an appointment for technicians to call out and install equipment and within a week I was up and running .But after saving $300 with my reward card I now have a great service and money in my pocket, perfect !

If you would like to add yours email me at with the subject line “U-verse Testimonial”

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