AT&T U-verse vs Fios

AT&T U-verse vs Fios: A Comparison of Services Provided

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The current generation is tech savvy. Therefore, making the right decision over which service provider to opt for can be challenging. All service providers claim to offer high-speed internet connection, finer voice projection services and cost-effective data usage contracts. Any ATT U-verse coupon code in 2017 will also ensure you save cash when signing up for the service. And now they have acquired Directv I would recommend visiting our page to look for coupons and deals they have this month also.

Because AT&T U-verse and Verizon FiOs are the two major forerunners in today’s market, it is imperative that

AT&T U-verse vs Fios how they stack up

you know more about the differences between the services providers. In a bid to help you make an educated decision, this article has pitted AT&T U-verse vs Fios.

AT&T U-verse vs Fios Package Deals

AT&T U-verse

This package allows you to you enjoy the internet, digital home phone services, and television at the same time. AT&T U-verse relies on a cutting-edge network which comprises of fiber optic to make services accessible to consumers.


The following is a list of features that may entice you to AT&T U-verse:

  1. a.      TV Package

The television package includes:

–        Home DVR. This enables consumers to record up to four shows at any given time.

–        Connectivity to PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), smartphones like iPhones and tablet PCs like iPads.

–        HDTV: High Definition Television allows you to watch TV shows in HD. As a result, the sound and picture quality are out of this world.

In addition to the above, there is the option of multi-channel surfing.

  1. b.     Internet

The internet package includes the following:

–        High speed internet connection with download speeds of more than 40 Mbps.

–        Unlimited storage for your emails. You can also have access to up to 11 email accounts.

–        Access to Wi-Fi hot spots in the US.

If you have subscribed to this service, you will also have free access to Yahoo and Flicker services.

  1. c.      Home Phone

The features of home phone services include:

–        Caller ID notification.

–        Convenient messaging alternatives.

–        Call screening.

Verizon FIOS

Verizon is also a bundled service package. Like U-verse, FIOS is a recently built system provided in certain parts of the US by telecommunication giant Verizon Communications. FIOS makes available to consumers high-speed internet access, television programming and telephone services. The system works on a fiber optic cable network. The following are some of the reasons why you may want to opt for FIOS over U-verse:

  1. a.      Television Programming

This package includes:

–        24/7 tech support.

–        Remote DVR programming. This can be done via your smartphone or internet.

–        Fully integrated with Smart TV, Blu-Ray, iPad, iPhone and Xbox 360.

–         On-Demand Flex View features that have been integrated to selected devices.

  1. b.     Internet Service

The internet service comprises of the following:

–        Varying speed tires oscillating from 15 Mbps to 100 Mbps.

–        Verizon email address that is offered at no extra charge.

–        Personal internet space that is offered at no additional charge.

  1. c.      Digital Voice

The following are some of the features that come with this service:

–        Remarkably clear voice communication.

–        Online account manager.

–        Up to 20 cutting-edge calling features.

–        Unrestricted domestic residential calling.

Given the features mentioned herein, Verizon boasts to offer added value in comparison to other bundling options accessible in the market. The introductory rate for television and internet is $69.99, while the introductory rate for television, digital voice and internet is $79.99 per month. All our Verizon fios deals are listed here


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