AT&T U-verse vs. Comcast Bundles

AT&T U-verse vs. Comcast Bundles imageAT&T U-verse vs. Comcast Bundles

In a battle between AT&T U-verse vs. Comcast who would win? AT&T is a pioneer in communications and entertainment, a household name in fact to millions of subscribers across the country. Comcast on the other hand is a brand that sets the pace in television entertainment with their XFINITY service.

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Due the ever changing nature of AT&T U-verse offers we suggest you head over our page where you can get any updated ATT Uverse coupon code options right here on this site.But in the meantime below are the Comcast offers for consideration.

Comcast Deals And Bundles

Comcast XFINITY bundles

  • XFINITY Triple Play. This is a package that costs $99 a month for 12 months. You get to use the service on all your devices and get am XFINITY $150 VISA card.
  • TV and Internet for $79.99 a month. This is a great deal that allows you to get a lot of channels and a lot of sports! Internet speeds are up to a blazing 50Mbps that comes with a $75 VISA card. This is for a 12 months subscription.
  • XFINITY TV for $29.99 a month only. This is an exclusive TV package that delivers the best current TV shows, movies and games on ESPN. This is for a 12 months subscription
  • Blast Plus for $49.99 a month. This is an exclusive internet package of up to 50Mbps together with TV. This is for a 12 months subscription.

XFINITY has special offers for new customers as well as Comcast subscribers. You may also bundle your service along with TV, Internet, voice and home control solution.


AT&T U-verse has a lot to offer when you are looking for the right programming content, internet and home phone features plus there a lot of alternatives to choose from however, all of these bundles or packages are covered by a contract.

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Comcast bundles or packages offer variety but are costly compared to AT&T and other providers. But a positive thing about Comcast is that they value current and new customers side by side. There are deals to welcome new customers while there are offers so current customers will stay and get additional bundles. Comcast also has a total home control solution for home security which is not available in any other providers.

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