AT&T U-verse Review – Get Insights Into It

AT&T U-verse Review: An Insight Into AT&T U-verse

AT&T U-verse is a service offered by telecommunication giant AT&T. VDSL and ADSL2+ are some of the services made available to consumers through the AT&T U-verse service. However, the service is only limited to certain parts of the United States. Unlike cable or satellite, television service, broadband internet access and phone are provided through a fiber optic cable network. The immediate result is high speed internet connection ranging from as little as 1 Mbps to 24 Mbps.

But is AT&T U-verse more reliable compared to other options available in the market like Verizon FIOS? For more information, keep reading this AT&T U-verse Review to the very end and also get the latest ATT Uverse coupon code offers right here from us.



Television signal is quite strong. Perhaps it’s because the signals are broadcasted via fiber optic cable. However, the only setback is the fact that the fiber cable is not linked to the unit. Fiber cables are only run into a neighborhood and not to every house. Signals are transmitted to your house from a node by making use of copper cables. Consequently, you may not realize the same picture quality that consumers who have subscribed to options like Verizon FIOS enjoy.


The pricing for AT&T U-verse differs for all the three services offered (i.e. TV Channel, Phone Lines and High Internet Speed). A reasonable package will cost you roughly $79.00 per month depending on which offer you selected. This type of package incorporates the three services. While movie channels will account for 60% of the channels, you will not have access to HBO.


The standard signal quality on AT&T network is 720 pixels. This is normally signal resolution for Comcast High Definition (HD). Nonetheless, U-verse boasts of a picture resolution of 1080i. Therefore, hinging on the equipment used during the installation process, you can get a picture quality of either 1080i or 1080p. Maybe this is the reason why there are consumers who keep reporting a discrepancy on picture quality.


For internet connection, you will be provided with a modem called Gateway. The modem has been designed and built by Cisco Systems. Unlike other modems, it is highly compatible with fiber optic networking. The model not only makes available internet and TV signals, but also functions in powering VOIP digital telephone services. The immediate result is twice the speed you normally experience on AT&T DSL.


It is true that you can get a more affordable service. Nevertheless, you will not be able to enjoy the kind of speed offered by U-verse. The HD signal could be 1080i compared to the 1080p provided by Direct TV. But the added benefit is that you will not complain of signal lose during a cloudy, stormy, windy or snowy day.

If you reside close to the fiber optic cable node, you will be able to enjoy better signal quality compared to houses located further from the node. Moreover, you will be provided with a dedicated internet line, which is a huge contrast to DSL connection provided by Comcast. You can also pay less for the service by surfing the internet for U-verse Promo Codes.




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