AT&T U-verse FAQ’s

AT&T U-verse FAQ’s: Learning More about the U-verse Service by AT&T

The AT&T U-verse FAQ’s is designed to provide you with all the information you need in regards to the services (i.e. internet, television and phone) provided by the AT&T’s U-verse service. With the information, you are able to make an informed decision on whether or not to opt for AT&T U-verse or other options like Verizon’s FIOS.

Why is my screen displaying the message “SIGNAL TEMPORARLY UNAVAILABLE”?

The following is a list of things that you need to do should your screen display the message “SIGNAL TEMPORARLY NOT AVAILABLE”:

–        Switch to a different channel. This will enable you to know if the problem is restricted to a particular channel or all channels.

–        If the message keeps appearing on the screen regardless of switching to different channels, call the tech support desk since it is an indication of loss of signal.

What are some of the terminologies used by AT&T U-verse?

The following is a list of terms used by the AT&T U-verse TV service:

–        Aspect Ratio: This phrase refers to the relationship of your television screen in regards to width vs. height. If the Aspect Ratio is 4:3, then it means that the width is 4-inches and height is 3-inches.

–        HDTV: HDTV is an acronym for High-Definition Television. This is the latest standard used in television viewing. All programs broadcasted through HDTV are transmitted in high definition, meaning you will enjoy excellent picture and sound quality.

Pixel, Resolution, TV Programs and TV signals are the other common terminologies you will come across when using U-verse TV service.

How can I pay for my U-verse tab?

There are two main methods that consumers can use to pay for their u-verse service and make sure to use any ATT U-verse Coupon Code from us which are all found here

–        Online: This service enables consumers to settle their AT&T U-verse bills online by making use of either debit or credit cards. If you have an online saving or checking account, you can also take advantage of the service to pay for your U-verse service online. Consumers are not charged a cent for utilizing this service. However, additional charges levied by your bank will be paid by you.

–        Automated Payment Service: AT&T Direct Payment and AT&T East Charge are the automated services provided by AT&T which allows consumers to automatically settle their bills every month. The former allows you to authorize your bank or credit union to make payments on your behalf every month, while the latter allows you to authorize your debit or credit card company to make payments on your behalf every month.

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If you would like to activate automated payment service, load the AT&T official website and select AT&T U-verse Central. In the new page, click on ‘Account’ and then click ‘Payments’. Still, you can make your AT&T U-verse payments in person, through mail, by credit/debit card or via the phone.

Is it possible to copy the shows recoded on my DVR to my laptop of desktop computer?

The option of transferring recorded shows on your DVR to your PC or laptop is disabled. This is to ensure that no copyright law is violated by consumers.



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