AT&T U-verse Review

AT&T U-verse Review informationAT&T U-verse Review

AT&T has been a household name for Americans and has no doubt changed a lot of lives because of its dedication to customer satisfaction. Its latest offering is AT&T U-verse a communications and entertainment package that brings TV, internet and voice service in one convenient package. This is an AT&T U-verse review to find out the features, advantages and any disadvantages of this package. Here are U-verse features:

Top Features Of U-verse

  • Uses fiber optic technology to deliver the clearest and the most engaging content in TV, fastest and uninterrupted internet connection and the clearest voice service
  • TV service is 100% digital with over 200 HD channels and comes with the Total Home DVR that can record up to 4 shows
  • With the fastest download speeds of 45Mbps, updated and powerful security features and access to national AT&T Wi-Fi hot spots network for free
  • With more than 20 calling features and integrated bundled features for voice
  • Use the latest ATT U-verse coupon code options
  • Entertainment on the go with Total Home DVR apps
  • Get free activation of your services when you choose online ordering
  • Get the HD-ready DVR for life in selected plans
  • Members may mix and match services
  • With offers for existing AT&T customers
  • With plans starting at $29 a month for 6 months
  • There are also U-Verse services for business customers

Advantages and disadvantages of using AT&T U-verse service


  1. 1.     AT&T U-verse offers high quality home entertainment and communications service with its fiber optic technology. It has plans that are more convenient for customers and are fit for their needs. You may choose the services that you only need and pay for the features that you only need as well. This allows you to save so much on your bills.
  2. 2.     AT&T U-verse has the most HD channels for TV and a large selection of digital channels. Its DVR also allows you to pause and rewind live TV and record up to 4 different shows at the same time. This device is definitely for the family that enjoys watching TV so much.
  3. 3.     Internet speeds are fast compared to copper wire connections. Fiber optic connections also ensure that connections are uninterrupted and clear which is very important in surfing the web, making web calls, playing online games, doing online banking and so much more. Everything is fast these days and the faster your upload and download speeds the more you dominate the web.
  4. 4.     Voice calling features are complete and even integrate with your internet connection with their bundled services. Connections are uninterrupted, clear and crisp which is absolutely the characteristic of a voice service that you expect from a leading network.
  5. 5.     The plans are affordable and you can choose from plans that will lock you from 6 to 24 months.


Fiber optic is not yet available in every area in the country therefore if you would like to get AT&T U-verse you should check for availability in your area. You may do this by using the Check U-Verse availability tool from AT&T U-verse official site.

What Alternatives Are There ?

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