Carbonite vs. Mozy Online Backup Service

Carbonite vs. Mozy Online Backup Service

Carbonite vs. Mozy, two of the most popular online backup service that allows computer owners and business owners to remotely backup their files for security. File security is very important in every industry even for a home office this is why Carbonite and Mozy takes their work very seriously. If you are looking for the best service, then you should compare the two according to the following categories:

According to Plans and Packages

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Carbonite has three plans for their customers; their Personal plan is meant for individual computers and is their very basic plan. This plan starts at $59.99 a year. Pro Plans are for workstations since it supports multiple computers at a time. This is a HIPAA compliant service that starts at $269.99 a year. Carbonite Server Plans are for hybrid and cloud backup for large scale systems and multiple computers. This is Carbonite’s most comprehensive package that starts at $799.99 a year but get any Carbonite promo code options to help out also.

Mozy has three kinds of plans: for Business backed by Mozy Titanium Cloud, for Enterprise for managerial and office solutions and Mozy for Personal use for personal computing needs.

According to features

Carbonite offers automatic backup, unlimited cloud space for home office, access to US –based customer support 7 days a week and the use of your mobile computing device to share, access and sync files using Carbonite free apps. Features increase as the subscription improves. Additional features like external hard-drive backups, mirror image backup, automatic video backup and courier recovery services are just some of the most popular features that customers love.

Mozy on the other hand has the following features: automatic backups, local backup with Mozy 2xProtect, technical and customer support, bandwidth throttling, desktop/laptop for Windows and Mac, mobile apps for iOS and Android and so many more. Safety is second nature to Mozy with its Personal Key encryption for all its plans and packages.

According to compatibility with different systems

Both Carbonite and Mozy may be used on Mac and Windows computers however not all their plans are.

According to the number of computers

Both Mozy and Carbonite have plans for single computers while there are plans for businesses and enterprise use. It is natural to be unsure of what plan would suit you when you check out Carbonite and Mozy offers which is why it is recommended that first time users compare products first to be able to determine the best package that will meet your needs.


Carbonite and Mozy offer almost the same service and features; their plans are also similar in their features but the most important thing that differentiates the two is their pricing. With Carbonite, you have to settle for an annual rate, there are no monthly rates at all. Therefor if you are not satisfied with the service, you still need to complete a year just to make the most of your subscription. Mozy however has simpler monthly plans that will suit your needs. Cancellation of service is based on their terms and conditions but it will not take you a year to cut the service off if you are not satisfied.

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