Carbonite vs. Crashplan

Carbonite vs. Crashplan

Carbonite vs. Crashplan, who would stand out as the winner? Both companies have been very popular among online users, businesses and individual users in their search for the most dependable online backup service. But of course there could only be one backup provider that will suit your needs. Here is a comparison between the two according to the features that consumers are looking for including Carbonite coupons options to check out also:

According to plans/packages

CrashPlan has a $59 per year for unlimited online file backup storage. CrashPlan offers more features for the money that other brands are unable to provide at their very basic plan. If you check out CrashPlan offers like their basic $59 you will see that Carbonite costs around $149 per year just to match the features of CrashPlan and other online backup plans.

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According to features

There are several features that you can only find in CrashPlan. Basic CrashPlan already offers external drive backup, triple destination protection, unrestricted file-type backups, rollback files and folders for easy revision and customization plus so many more unique features.

CrashPlan will retain deleted files as long as it takes while Carbonite will delete them after 30 days. CrashPlan will retain files from disconnected drives while Carbonite does not have this feature.

Carbonite offers data encryption just before files are transferred from your computer to the secure server. CrashPlan on the other hand offers the most secure private key feature with 448-bit encryption protection. This totally secures you and your business.

According to compatibility with different systems

You can use Carbonite easily since it is compatible for both Windows and Mac. However, there are some features lost when you use it on a Mac. You may only be able to find this out once you have installed the software. CrashPlan on the other hand is compatible to both Windows and Mac with no features left behind. You can therefore confidently use CrashPlan no matter what system you use after you install it.

According to number of computers supported

For CrashPlan’s basic feature $59, you will have the ability to back up unlimited computers. You need to buy multiple subscriptions for Carbonite (Business packages have unlimited file storage for $229) if you would like to enjoy unlimited computers backup.

Carbonite is simple and easy to use plus has familiar menus and features that users love to use while CrashPlan may look complicated at first but will eventually be easy to use in the long run. It is best to study your options when it comes to file backup service especially security features that matters most of all.



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