A Carbonite.com Review

A Carbonite.com Review

This is a Carbonite.com review; it focuses on the features of Carbonite and any advantages or disadvantages of the service. Carbonite is a file backup service that secures your files in a remote server. It offers safety for your files whether you are a personal computer owner or a large-scale business owner. Carbonite offers a variety of plans that caters to different consumer’s needs. Here are features of Carbonite.com:

  • With three basic plans: Personal Plans for individual computers, Pro Plans for workstations and Server Plans for databases and live applications.
  • All plans have automatic backup features and unlimited cloud space
  • All plans are supported by a US-based customer support
  • All plans have free apps so you can manage your files through your mobile device even when you are on the go.
  • Some plans have access to external hard-drive back up and mirror image backup
  • Features state of the art security and file encryption methods
  • Latest Carbonite offer code options from us here to reduce plan costs
  • Business plans and Server plans are all HIPAA compliant, with free Valet install, backup for unlimited number of computers, external hard drives and NAS devices.
  • Tech experts are ready to help in case of any technical concerns
  • Simple data recovery process even when the system experiences downtime

Advantages and disadvantages of using Carbonite.com:


  1. Carbonite has well-prepared plans and packages for customers. No matter what type of PC security you need for you PC or your number of systems you can find it at Carbonite.
  2. Files are protected using state of the art encryption methods that is enforced once your data leaves your PC and sent to Carbonite servers. You can guarantee that even when you have numerous files to upload all your files will be protected no matter what format these may be.
  3. You can also be rest assured that automatic file backup will always back you up even when there are unexpected electrical outages or computer system breakdowns. Carbonite helps you save your work by automatic backup the moment that your work is left unattended.
  4. With more complex plans for businesses and multiple computer enterprises, Carbonite is able to offer protection no matter how many computers you have in your workstation or in your business. This guarantees optimum safety in your work as well as the work of all your employees. And when business data and files are protected you can be sure that your business practices will also improve.
  5. Finally, there is no doubt that the more you protect your files and data it will show in the way you manage your business and this increases customer satisfaction and brand loyalty to your products, services and your business.


The most common disadvantages mentioned in most Carbonite.com reviews is the pricing of the service. Carbonite is only available in an annual subscription which could be a problem when a customer decides to go with another provider. Other online backup service providers offer monthly payments without being tied down to a yearly term. Therefore you should be certain about your file backup needs before you settle with any backup plan.

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