Verizon Fios Promotion Code – Updated To October 2016

Verizon Fios has bundles that will meet the needs of customers everywhere. Verizon guarantees that Fios will provide the most amazing television, internet and phone service. If you have never tried Verizon then this must be the day that you should. And what better way to try this service than to use the latest Verizon Fios promotion code in 2016.

Verizon Fios Promotion Code For 2016 Updated


**Click Here To Get**– Fios 100/100 Data and TV for $64.99/mo for 1 yr with no annual contract

**Click Here To Get**-Fios 50/50 Data+Local TV+choice of premium channel for 3 mos starting at $50/mo for 1 yr w/no contract

**Click Here To Get**– Fios Triple Play starting at $79.99/mo plus $150 prepaid card +free set top box for 1yr w/2 yr agmt  Details Here

**Click Here To Get**- Limited time offer-order online and we’ll waive your setup fee ($80 value.)

**Click Here To Get**– Build your own TV plan with Fios Custom TV starting at $64.99/mo for 1 year

**Click Here To Get**-All Verizon Special Offers Are On This Page

**Click Here To Get** – Fios 100/100 Data, TV and Phone for $69.99/mo for 2 yrs w/2yr agmt

**Click Here To Get**Lowest price ever!  $69.99/mo plus STARZ included for 1 yr Fios triple play with no annual contract



Sign up for any deal above by clicking and following any link on this page through the checkout and receive a FREE  Amazon product from our store just for signing up !! ( Value $14.99-23.77 ) 5 products to choose from

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Promotion codes are like shopping coupons. You get unbelievable discounts and promos every time you use them. Promo codes are available online from reputable sites but you may also get promotion codes straight to your email inbox when you subscribe to newsletters and email alerts. Be sure to check for the expiry of promotion codes before you use them; code and coupons expire so use them wisely. Here are popular Verizon Fios promotion codes this season:

What Are The Most Popular Verizon Fios Deals in 2016?

  • Get the Verizon Fios Triple Play for only $89.99/month for 2 years with free Quantum TV-Enhanced Service OR $400 Visa prepaid card (2 year term required)
    Features of this amazing deal include the following: 25/25 Mbps Fios Internet+ Preferred HD TV (formerly Prime) + Phone
    $89.99/month for 2 years with 2 year agreement
    *Includes Fios
     Quantum TV – Enhanced Service free for 2 years (excludes equipment charges) OR $400 Visa prepaid card
    **Option to add Fios TV premium packages at 50% off for 12 months
    Activation fee waived
  • * Fios Quantum TV – Enhanced Service OR $400 Visa prepaid card requires new Fios TV, new Fios Internet, a bundle and a 2 year term.

    **requires new Fios TV

  • Get the Fios Double Play for only $79.99 a month– Double Play has Fios Prime HD and internet that comes with a 2-year contract. This offer is only available for a limited time and you dont need any Verizon Fiospromotion code just click and go.
  • Get High Speed Internet for the lowest price – this is a package that is not covered by a contract. You will get high speed internet for only $19.99 a month which is one of the lowest rates with the best service. This promo code is available for a limited time offer so hurry. Again no need for any Verizon Fios promotion code just click and go.
  • Get the Double Play bundles without any contract – it is your best choice when it comes to TV and internet and most of all you are not covered by a contract. Get this offer for only $69.99 a month; this price is good for a year and no need for any Verizon Fios promotion code just click and go..
  • Get 3 months free service – you get 3 months free service plus 50% off on the 4th month. You get 4 to 12 premium content for new subscribers of a premium channel subscriber. Discounts will be automatically reflected in your bill and also again no need for any Verizon Fios promotion code just click and go..
  • Get the Business Bundle – get the Verizon business bundle with internet, phone and a free router for only $84.00 a month. Be sure to hurry since this offer is only good for a limited time only.No Verizon Fios promotion code required just click and go
  • Get High Speed Internet and DirecTV plus phone – this is a coupon that will let you save since you will only be paying $69.99 a month with a 2-year contract. There is no expiration date for this deal and No Verizon Fios promotion code required just click and go
  • Get High Speed Internet and phone service – do not need TV channels? This is the best coupon for you. This will let you pay only $34.99 a month for Verizon internet and phone only. There are no contracts and no expiry date for this coupon .

Are There Any Verizon Fios Deals With No Code Required ?

Yes all the ones mentioned above plus the Verizon Fios Triple Play TV + Fios Internet + Phone at $79.99 Deal requires no Verizon Fios promotion code, just click and go. It comes with the following features and is one of the most popular bundle deals Verizon has to offer.

  1. You get a Free $200 Prepaid Visa Gift Card
  2. No Activation Fees which Saves Another $49.99 on top
  3. Fios Prime TV, Fios Internet 15/5 Mbps, and Verizon Home Phone with Unlimited Calling feature. Amazing speed offer
  4. You can also get HBO/Cinemax/SHO Free for the First 3 Months, Then get 50% off the next 3 months should you like to continue after this trial period
  5. There is a downside in that you need a 2 year commitment to get $79.99 a Month, but its still an amazing price

Lets take a look at another bundle deal , Verizon Fios Double Play Local TV + Fios Quantum Internet for $50 . This is a great package deal and includes No Activation Fees through this special offer. Perfect for people looking for local news and sports information as it also includes TV, Fios Internet 50/25 Mbps, and Choice of HBO or SHO.

The last Verizon Fios deal we are going to spotlight now is  Verizon Fios TV + Fios Internet Double Play Promotion Code for $69.99

You dont get any sports channels with this deal but it has all the standard inclusions like Disney, Nickelodeon and all the local stations you would expect. There are no contracts and you can cancel this deal at any time, there is also no need for any Verizon Fios promotion code, once again they make it easy. You return to the top of this page and click and go. So there you have all the latest Latest Verizon Fios Promotion Code offers updated for you to take advantage of. Take care !

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