Get LeadBuddy iPhone 5&6 Cable For Just $0.50 – Heres How

Get The LeadBuddy Elite Braided iPhone 5&6 Cable For Just $0.50 – Its Contest Time

We are overstocked and have decided to run a giveaway promo for the amazing LeadBuddy iPhone 5&6 Cable. Right now you can get this product from us for just $0.50 cents on and not the normal $9.27 .Whats the catch you ask ? well we are going to run a little treasure hunt but its easy as pie, here is all you do………..

1) Go go in your browser ( either mobile or desktop device) 
2) Search any one of these phrases listed below in :
turbo tax service codes 2016
turbotax service codes 2016
turbo tax service code 2016
service code for turbotax 2016
turbotax service codes 2017
turbo tax 2016 service code
turbo tax service code 2017
turbotax 2016 service code
3) Now on page 1 or 2 of the google results locate the video titled “Free TurboTax Service Code For 2016 to 2017” and click on it to watch.
4) Now all you have to do is watch the short 1 min video and name the website mentioned by the narrator with the cheesy accent ( Hint : its a .com) . Next email that website name as the subject line in your email to us here at and for every correct answer ( 1 per email address ) we will email you back a coupon code to get $8.77 off the $9.27 price leaving just $0.50 cents for the amazing LeadBuddy iPhone 5&6 Cable which can be found at this link here when you are ready to purchase with your coupon.
Simple Right ? well get going and send that website name now !!




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